Creative Convent College

The sense of belongingness to the institution, mutual love and confidence make this a different institution, an ideal in its own way. The CBSE Examination Results have been outstanding. Score of 100% in Maths, Chemistry, Accountancy, Hindi, Business Studies, Informatics Practices, Computer Science and 95% and above in other individual subjects and aggregate has become a tradition.

”A small seed can be a huge tree “. Keeping this fact in the mind Er. Yogendra Sachan along with his spouse Mrs. Rakhi Sachan put the foundation of the academy in 2002. They started it with the strength of 200 students and a staff of only 15 teachers. “Right efforts bring a right result”. Very soon the school turned into a high school having been recognized by C.B.S.E. Board, New Delhi and since then the academy has been progressing by leaps and bounds and now it is about to create a new history for it is Creative Convent College that always creates something now.